Social Venture Partners is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizaiton.  Donations to SVP are fully tax-deductible.  However, if you receive value in return for your tax deduction, the IRS requires that you reduce your deduciton claim by the fair market value of what you received.  

If you purchase a Regular Donor ticket for the Fast Pitch Grand Finale event on October 18th, SVP has determined that the fair market value of your attendance at that event (including the food, wine, venue costs, music, etc.) is $35.  If you attend the Impact Donor reception, the fair market value for the entire experience (reception followed by fast pitch event) is $45.  You can use your receipt from EventBright as your proof of donation, and you can use this page to indicate the FMV of what you received.  

If you purchase a ticket and do not attend, you still must deduct the FMV described above.  If you purchase a donate-only item, you may deduct the full amout you paid.

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Thank you for supporting social innovation in the Puget Sound region!