Alphabetical list of organizations that have been selected to advance to the quarterfinals, in the for-profit and non-profit tracks.  Fourteen Ashoka high school / college teams are competing separately and are not listed here.


  Brigid Collins House

Reducing child abuse through technology to transparently connect families and service providers.

NFP Byron Manering  
  Catholic Community Service of King County The Groundwork Project: Wraparound with Homeless Youth Catholic Community Services of King County Discovering Strengths; Facilitating Change NFP Erin Maguire Watch Video
  Children's Music Foundation The Children's Music Foundation was created exclusively to promote the study of music in elementary education throughout the United States. NFP  Rourke O'Brien  
  CHOICES Education Group Our cellphone texting challenge will help up to 14 million teens make more positive education-related choices and increase their engagement in school. NFP Leo Muller  
  Dynamic Partners

Dynamic Labs will be the soil where seeds of innovations will be systematically planted, fertilized, pruned, and harvested.

NFP Jon Botten  
   Eastside Pathways One vision + shared measurement + engaged community + collaborative action + sustained effort = EVERY CHILD A SUCCESS NFP Bill Henningsgaard  
  Economic Opportunity Institute This proposal eliminates tuition at public colleges while creating a funding stream to cover the full costs of tuition and public appropriations. NFP John Burbank  
  Elder and Adult Day Services Reduce health insurance costs by creating a nonprofit cooperative plan that enables participants to better balance risks, benefits, and costs. NFP Jeff Bradt

In our first year of operations, we've registered more than 300 participating organizations and collectively they've raised $8.5 million dollars.

FP Steven Atamian  
  Equal Opportunity Schools There are more than half a million students each year stuck just across the hall from the education they deserve and need to get ready for college. NFP Reid Saaris  
    Family Centered Technology Solutions

We provide end-to-end software solutions to community organizations that enable parents to access and share information with their community.

FP Frank Sanborn  
  Family Renewal Shelter Providing a crucial option for women and their children fleeing extreme high-risk domestic violence and helping them become safe and successful. NFP Keith Galbraith  
    Flash Volunteer

Flash Volunteer provides tools to create, discover, and easily share local service events via social media, mobile, and our unique Cause Crowd feature.

NFP Brad Wilke  
  Food N' Me  Food N' Me is an effective nutrition system that changes eating behaviors in children and families. Fighting childhood obesity with pounds of fun! FP Frederic DeWulf  
  Get Schooled Foundation Get Schooled is the only national organization using the power of media, technology, and pop culture to motivate young people and improve education.  NFP Marie Goark  
  Green Plate Special Empowering middle school youth and their familes to break the cycle of childhood obesity and health related issues through growing and cooking food NFP Laura Dewell  
    Hand Things Down

HAND THINGS DOWN is social trading for busy moms to give away what their kids have outgrown with their local community.

FP Chreyl Marquez  
    Ideal Network, Inc Ideal network is a cause marketing platform that uses the mechanisms of a daily deal to raise money for non profits. FP  Ronny Bell  
    InstantMobile Solutions, Inc

Insta-Pass is a closed loop donation service for tangible goods providing digital receipts to donors and capturing their contact info for the charity.

FP  Tom McCullough  
    ITEASi (IT Enterprise Architecture Solutions Inc)

BOSS empowers project owners/managers and minority small businesses with the tools and information to create sustainable social change. 

FP Llwellyn Preece  Watch Video
  Jewish Family Services

JFS Resource Access Project (RAP) uniquely connects Food Bank clients with a case worker for immediate assistance with housing or employment problems.

NFP Anson Laytner  
    Jolkona Jolkona helps non-profits improve fundraising efforts by providing a simple online microgiving & reporting platform to crowdsource funds online. NFP Nadia Khawaja  
  Look Both Ways Foundation Our goal is to make skills and knowledge about living safely online as ingrained in young people as looking both ways before crossing a street. NFP Lizanne Coker Read their blog
  Mercy Housing Northwest Mercy Housing Northwest not only believes that affordable housing and supportive programs prevent homelessness—the evidence shows that it does. NFP Paul Chiocco  
  Northwest Sustainable Energy for Economic Development

Solarize Seattle harnesses the collective impact of community to accelerate solar energy adoption via a group purchasing program.

NFP Ryan Romaneski  
    One4All  Stealth mode: consumer giving startup FP Jason Hausske  
    Personify.IT, Inc. "Foursquare for causes, Farmville for the real world" - An action oriented social collaborative platform for social good. FP Chuks Onwumem  
   Proz, Inc  eBay for education: FindProz is the marketplace for private instruction. FP Tyler Pack  Watch Video
  Seattle Tilth

Build a regional food hub to connect producers and consumers, support small farm businesses, and provide access to local, fresh and affordable food.

NFP Andrea Dwyer  
  StockBox Grocers Stockbox Grocers is a miniature grocer that is placed throughout urban food deserts to provide access to fresh produce and essential grocery staples.  FP Carrie Ferrence  
   Summit Solutions, LLC I want to open up a call center to provide jobs for our veterans. They have given us their time and lives and I'd like to give that back in return. FP Mindy McClain  
The Art Affect Youth art, activism, and innovation united and magnified to catalyze a profound societal shift toward a thriving, just, and sustainable world.  NFP Dan Mahle Watch Video
  The Nature Conservatory

Clean up Puget Sound: Online application combines education and social networking to reduce urban water pollution.

NFP Jonathan Hoekstra  

An exemplary health and wellness model simultaneously stimulating healthy mothers, babies, families, providers, healthcare systems, and the planet.

NFP Tara Shelby  
  Viva Farms Viva Farms is helping launch the next generation of organic farmers by providing land, capital, expertise, and dedicated markets. NFP Ethan Schaffer  
   Washington Engage, BIAT: Fair Labor The Business Initiative Againt Trafficking works with businesses to mitigate financial, legal, and reputational risks related to human trafficking. NFP  S. Mar Smith  
   West Seattle Tool Library

The West Seattle Tool Library empowers individuals and organizations by providing easy access to a free community collection of tools and resources.

NFP Patrick Dunn  
Year Up Year Up provides urban young adults who are neither working nor in school with a year of education and training that leads to livable wage jobs. NFP Lisa Chin Watch video
Youth Ambassadors The mission of Youth Ambassadors is to develop learners who become leaders through compassionate service to the community. NFP  Lori Markowitz  
  Youth Suicide Prevention Program

"K-12 Lessons for Life" is a new web tool that links educators to Best Practices curricula to support school-based suicide prevention and save lives.

NFP  Keri Healey