As resources become available from the 2011 Fast Pitch competition, links to them will be placed here.

For a starter, here are logos that we encourage quarterfinalists, semifinalists, finalists, and award winners to place on their site or use in marketing materials, as they please.   


Standard SIFP Seattle 2011 Logo

SIFP Seattle 2011 Event Theme Logo

Quarterfinalist badge

Semifinalist badge

Finalist badge

Please link logos back to the SIFP home page.


Branded Awards

With one exception, all award badges are available on the Awards page.  One new badge for for-profit investees is here.

Please link badges back to the SIFP home page.


Photos and Video

As photos and video from the SIFP media team come in, select ones will be posted to the website and/or youtube, and others will be posted to a PhanFare site that allows easy viewing and also downloading.  That site is here.   Currently there are a large number of unedited photos from the Quarterfinals at Paccar Hall, and a small set of edited photos from the Oct 3rd event.  (More Oct 3 photos are in the slide show on the home page).  

We'd also appreciate your "dropping off" any photos of the final event or anything else relevant to the program, for sharing with others.  The Phanfare site has a simple dop-off wizard, linked here.  

If you would like a copy of your pitch clinic, quarterfinal, semifinal video, please email video <at> sifp <dot> net.  Videos from Oct 3 will be posted to Youtube by Monday.

Terms for all media you get from or put on on these sites are simple: anyone is free to use SIFP-supplied or participant-contributed media for nonprofit ventures of any kind, and for for-profit ventures, use should be only with respect to your participation in the SIFP program.


Other Resources

Higher resolution versions of logos & badges are available upon request.

Press releases and stories as they are found are all linked on the press page: