Q: If I applied last year, may I apply again?

A: Yes.  We'd be happy to see re-applications as long as you meet the application criteria and were not awarded grants or investments last  year.  

Q: How many prizes will be awarded?

A: See Awards page.

Q: Is there any cost to apply for SVP Fast Pitch Seattle?  

A: No.

Q: Where do I find questions specific to the application process?

A: All of the details for the 2013 application process are available here.

Q: Who is eligible to apply? 

A: See Apply page.

Q: Will there be on stage, American Idol-style critique after each presentation? 

A: No.

Q: Are for-profit social innovation businesses eligible to receive grants?

A: Yes, although the primary awards for for-profit applicants are investments. See Awards.

Q: What's your definition of a for-profit social innovation business for this competition?

A: In the investment category, we are looking for early-stage for-profit businesses which have a specific, meaningful mission and innovative approach to address an important social or environmental problem through their core operating model. This competition is not suitable for businesses which have only a financial charitable commitment or simply operate with top quality social, community or environmental standards, even though those are great and commendable things to do! 

    • Good fit example 1: Your business mission is to sell micronutrient-enriched, tasty, healthful snacks targeting low-income families at attractive prices through government school meal and other distribution channels addressing a major health problem of nutrient deficiency amongst this population.
    • Good fit example 2: Your business mission is to develop a competitively-priced new food packaging material targeting the restaurant takeaway market which keeps food at the initial temperature for 2 hours and is 100% bio-degradable, greatly reducing society waste.
    • Bad fit example 1: Your business gives away 10% of your profits to youth charities, every employee gets paid to volunteer a day per month to a charity, and you give your employees better benefits than your competitors.
    • Bad fit example 2: Your business uses 100% recycled materials, is carbon negative, creates no waste, and you and your employees actively advocate for other local businesses to do the same.

Q: Is this a business plan competition?

A: Not specifically. Although if you do have a social innovation idea that you are in the early stage of developing and can present it with passion and credibility, you will still be competitive and we'd like to help you bring it to the next level.

Q: How does SVP Fast Pitch Seattle's program compare to Fledge?  Which should I do?

A: SVP Fast Pitch Seattle and Fledge are different but complementary.  In a nutshell, Fledge is a 2-month intensive bootcamp program for early-stage, for-profit, "Conscious Companies".  The Fledge program culminates in a "demo day" in front of press, investors, and community, with no judges.  SVP Fast Pitch Seattle is a less-intensive 6-month training and community-connecting program that culminates in a big-stage pitch competition, accomodating both nonprofit and for-profit social impact organizations.

SVP Fast Pitch Seattle and Fledge share many common goals, including as Michael 'Luni' Libes says "...adding to the entrepreneurial infrastructure in order to grow the whole conscious ecosystem ... which includes: talent, education, mentorship, gathering spaces, events, incubation, acceleration, and funding."

We hope for-profit organizations will apply to both programs.  Apply to Fledge here.

Q: My organization operates in the Puget Sound area and employs people, but is focused on a national or global market - does our employing locals count as "substantial impact"?

A: If the employment is the nature of your organization's mission - for example, in-sourcing national/global work and training people in the Puget Sound area to do it - then yes, that would count. If, however, you are building an innovative product that addresses a social need nationally/globally and simply employ people in the Puget Sound area, we do not expect you would be competitive with others who will/do have more substantial local focus and impact. Note that the judging for grants (to local non-profits) will be more focused on this issue than the investors in for-profit entities, but it matters for both.

Q: Can I change my application after I submit it?  

A: Yes.

Q: Where can I find a list of application questions, so that I can prepare?

A: A link to both Word and PDF versions of the application are available in the Application Guide. Both of these documents also include the word limits for each question. Note: This is for reference only, and all applications must be completed using the online form.

Q: Can I save and return to my application at a later date? 

A: Yes! At the bottom of every page on the application, there is a button to "save and return". By clicking that button you will generate a unique URL to your application, and can also have the system send you an email reminder.

Q: How can I find my application if I have lost the link?
A: If you are unable to find your application, whether in-progress of submitted, please contact Alan Blickenstaff. Rather than recreating the application, he can find the link in our system and resend it to you.

Q: Can one organization submit two (or more) applicaitons?

A: Yes, although we would advise focusing on any individual doing one really well.

Q: My team is working through Ashoka Youth Venture.  Do we have the same July 1st final deadline?

A: Please talk to Ashoka for your pre-submission deadlines.