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As you prepare for quarterfinals, semifinals, or finals, here is what you can expect judges will see:


  1. The Rubric.  Same as from the beginning.Exec Summary 
  2. Your Executive Summary.  On August 29th, we will compile the "One-pager" executive summaries that you have created and uploaded to Gust.  We will find these by looking for the most recent document that you have uploaded that includes "Executive Summary" in the title. It must be either a PDF (preferred) or word doc that prints on one side of an 8.5x11 page, using whatever formatting you want. For ideas, see our guidance at
  3. You and your pitch.


  1. The Rubric.  
  2. Your Executive Summary.  Downloaded on September 24th. (On 27th for Ashoka teams only)
  3. For-profit only: preliminary report from University Impact Fund.
  4. You and your pitch.


  1. The Rubric.  
  2. Your Executive Summary.  Downloaded on October 5th.
  3. Notes from semifinals to assist in deliberation.
  4. Due diligence materials for SIFP Fund investors who will make the for-profit decisions, prepared in part by University Impact Fund.
  5. Judges *may* see your poster at the reception prior to the event, but they will not consider this in the scoring.  Instructions for creating your poster board will be posted here before the semifinals. All semifinalists will be expected to have a poster for the event.
  6. All attendees will have an opportunity to see all semifinalsts & finalists at the Poster Table area, and all attendees will see finalists pitches.