One of the more innovative components of the SIFP program is the Video Pitch Clinic.  Here's how it works:

1. Three Video Pitch Clinics are available. Each clinic is divided into two sections. Attendance in one of these 6 sections is highly recommended but not required. Specific times to present are selected by each quarterfinalist. Location of the clinics is here.

2. Each presenter can bring another member of their team and their mentor (if s/he is available to attend).  Sections run 8-10am, 10-12am, 1-3pm, 3-5pm. Assuming you want to participate in the pitch clinics, you must attend the entire section so that you get the introduction at the beginning and have the opportunity to provide feedback to your peers as they present as well. (Your mentor may elect to only come during your presentation slot, which is fine). If there is seating room available, you may also attend the section adjacent to yours, but you'll need to give priority to those who are attending the section where they present..

3. To prepare for your first pitch, please see our resources page, here.

4. At the beginning of each section, an experienced social entrepreneur will kick things off with a few words of wisdom about pitching.

5. When it's time for your pitch, you will come to the front of the room and give your 5 minute fast pitch.  


- Your pitch should start with "My name is ..., I am the <title> of <organization>, a <nonprofit or for-profit> organization that <one-liner>."
- You also should have a decent draft presentation deck which will need to be provided to SIFP the day before the clinic.
- We do NOT have time to switch laptops or mess with technology between presentations. So please be sure your presentation (Powerpoint or comparible format, or PDF) works well on a standard Windows PC running Office 2010.



6. A SIFP team member will video your pitch, and post it to a *private* online workspace for you and your mentor and team members to view later. While it is hard to watch yourself present, there is no better way to improve your pitch than to do this and have others give you feedback as well.Video by SIFP

7. There will be about 7-10 minutes of time for feedback and discussion after each pitch. You'll get comments from the expert pitch coaches, and also from your peers.  The session is very intereactive and everyone is supportive and helpful. This is not American Idol; there is no "Simon".

8. At the end of each section there will be a short break for you to do some quick networking with others in your section. There will be more networking opportunities at the Quarterfinal competition.