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Social Innovation Fast Pitch (SIFP), a production of Social Venture Partners (SVP), has chosen world renowned filmmaker, photographer, filmmaker, entrepreneur, digital rights pioneer, and visionary Roger Ressmeyer to provide a moment of reflection on October 18 at Seattle Center’s Fisher Pavilion.

“When I heard about Roger’s new foundation Visions of Tomorrow and their movie project of the same name, I knew he would be the perfect person to connect our program’s opening and closing segments” says Will Poole, Lead SVP Partner and SIFP Founder. 

SIFP’s evening opens as a fast-paced, rapid-fire competition between a top-notch group of fourteen social innovators seeking audience votes and a share of over $200,000 in awards and investments in projects that will have sustainable impact on Puget Sound’s social and environmental challenges.

Says Poole, “After the competition, the evening ends with a keynote by Dr. Nathan Myhrvold.  Through the Global Good program of Intellectual Ventures, Myhrvold partners with leading humanitarian organizations to conceive, develop, and deploy inventions that save lives around the world.  Ressmeyer’s inspirational perspective will provide an ideal transition into the keynote.”

Mr. Ressmeyer spent the early part of his career photographing both celebrities and scientific innovations; his award-winning work has been featured on hundreds of record albums, book covers, and magazines including Rolling Stone, Time, National Geographic Magazine and most of the world’s best-known publications.  “I capture footage and images of our spirits and dreams – of what we want to become – and of how we can and will get there”, says Ressmeyer. 

But worldwide acclaim came at a price for Ressmeyer, “when I was thirteen I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, and back then it was a virtual death sentence.  I was engulfed by depression and despair, so I lived my early adulthood as if tomorrow didn’t matter.  Time and time again I found myself taking incredibly unreasonable risks to make inspirational images – for example flying dangerously low in helicopters that lost power, standing on the lip of exploding volcanoes, and dangling over radioactive pools in the hearts of atomic facilities.”

“My perspective on life and our place in the universe was transformed by my near-death experiences”, Ressmeyer continues.  “But with advanced medical technology, I’ve controlled my diabetes without complications, and in the process developed a powerful consciousness of global spirituality and hope.  Today we are passionately driven to spread that message of hope … hope that through scientific solutions combined with social programs like SIFP, we can transform the collective human experience to one of joy, and empower each other to solve our planet’s biggest problems.  That’s the purpose of the Visions of Tomorrow Foundation, and of our new documentary film project, a preview of which will be shared for the first time at SIFP.”

SIFP happens on October 18, 2012 at 4:45 PM at Seattle Center’s Fisher Pavilion.  Tickets can be purchased at