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What's next for the social entrepreneurs of Seattle?  After months of mentoring and polishing, many of the SIFP entrants are off and running with their businesses.  But for many of the 80+ applicants, and for dozens of other social entrepreneurs who discovered SIFP during the numerous months between applications and on-stage presentations, where can they turn for help?

Fledge is here to fill that gap.  Fledge is Seattle's newest business incubator, and the only incubator in town focused on "conscious companies".  These are revenue-generating companies which are bringing products or services to the growing number of informed, "conscious" consumers.  Consumers who care about the social issues, about the environment, about our communities, and about our whole planet.

Fledge is quite a bit like SIFP in its goals, but somewhat reverse in its form.  Like SIFP, anyone can apply (for free), and applications are open right now through December 15th.  But instead of quarter-finalists, semi-finalists, and finalists, Fledge picks just a handful of companies from these applications, invites those lucky few into a 10 week program, and hands each of these invitees $10,000 in cash.  Once invited, there is no further competition, but like SIFP, there are dozens of mentors, organized education, and a ton of guidance and advice.  And at the end, all the teams are invited up on stage in front of an audience of hundreds to tell their story to the world.

If you participated in SIFP and want more intense help with your plans, or missed SIFP and have an idea that can't wait until next year's event, check out Fledge at