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Here's a high level checklist to be sure you're ready for the big event on Monday (3rd):

  1. Watch your presentation video from semifinals on Pixelflow.  If you want to show it to others, email video <at> sifp <dot> net and we will add them.   All will be posted by Thursday morning.  (Ashoka teams: this is new for you - look for  mail tomorrow).
  2. Review feedback from semifinals provided via email from Gust by Thursday 29th.  Maybe discuss with a mentor; revise Pitch and/or one-pager as you see fit. (Ashoka teams will get via mail from
  3. Last Call: Register attendees at Oct 3 event.  Discount codes go away Wednesday 28th at 11:59pm.  Ashoka teams: Evan will handle this for you.
  4. Encourage board members or avisors or other supporters to purchase their tickets.  We truly are on a path to sell out, with over 500 seats filled already; we don't want anyone feeling bad because they waited too long.
  5. On Facebook, please confirm attendance and then forward the SIFP event invite to all appropriate facebook friends.  Instructions are on the previous blog entry.
  6. Revew deadlines for submitting updated presentation decks.  No updates are possible for the one-pager or Gust application (which is moot at this point).  We will use the presentation from semifinals if no updates received by the deadline.  Please be respectful of staff - there are not many of us and there are 28 of you. Your final slide deck is due to Kate DesRosier by 5pm this Friday (30th). As before, please bring your deck on a thumbdrive, just in case. Decks can be emailed to Kate at k.desrosier <at> zinosociety <dot> com. 
  7. Read instructions on creating the Poster for Oct 3 in the "presenting" sectiong of    Note that the poster plus whatever you hand out plus whatever you have running on battery power is your "show" - do not assume you can plug anything in, and there is no internet.  You can probably use a 3G hotspot if you have one.
  8. Think about anything you want to have as a handout on the 3rd.  You will have a couple hundred people walking by your PosterTable who could be supporters, donors, investors, or volunteers.  Whatever it is, make it simple, appropriate-budget, and reusable.  Everyone knows you are early-stage social innovators.  They want to know how to help you, but don't want to see you investing time and money in the wrong places.  

    NOTE: All finalists' one-pagers will be in the printed program for the 3rd, and all finalist and semifinalist one-pagers will be posted online on

  9. The high level program for the evening of the 3rd is in the middle of the page at - please read it and be sure you are familiar with how things will go.


  10. Practice, practice, practice.