• Simplified one-pagers into Kate for inclusion in the program - DONE - GOOD JOB!
    • Conf call for questions 11am or 8pm
    • Tickets reserved, really, for sure, no doubts - DONE?
    • Help drive attendance by getting others to come with a discount (see mail from last week) 


    • Complete poster boards
    • If you are doing facncy graphics, you can use SIFP logo digital files (rather than the paper versions we provided) if you want; they are on dropbox


    • Final presentation decks are due Wednesday at 2pm, uploaded to Dropbox.  POWERPOINT ONLY.  Sorry. We are gluing all the PPTs together into one deck to be sure it presents smoothly.  
    • Be sure you and your team are registered under your correct names so we print the right nametags and you all look professional!  If you registered under one name, please:
      • log into eventbright
      • Go to “my tickets”
      • Select the SIFP ticket
      • Click “edit” to change name/email on each ticket


    • See Wednesday instructions re ensuring your nametags are right - do this by8AM thursday.
    • Please arrive at Fisher Pavilion at 1PM.  If you need to do something special, please contact Kate.
    • Kate is your go-to person.  k.desrosier [at]
    • Poster table exhibition area
      • Bring your poster boards!
      • You can bring other things for your table if you want. It is 6' by 18".  
      • You will have access to power, but it may require an extension cord. You need to bring that.
    • Stage check for all 14 finalist innovators at ~2:30PM.  This will take around 30-45 minutes.
    • We have no internet access other than what your phone *might* do.  Seriously, this is annoying, but we'd rather give you the $ in awards than to spend it getting better communications in there.
    • Presenting
      • You will use a clicker, OR a separate team member can run slides if they want.  If the latter, they need to know your cueus - no "next slide please".
      • Lav mic - be sure to have mic-compatible clothing.  Mic should clip in middle of your chest about 4 inches below your chin.
      • You will be seated in the front row until you present
      • We will have lots of water in the seating area.  Plan to drink plenty *before* you go on stage, as your mouth will dry out.
      • Presenatations are in alpha order witin each track.  Track presentation order is:
        • High School
        • University
        • For-Profit
        • Young Nonprofit
        • Established Nonprofit



    • Come unwind, grab a drink and some food with us at Red Papaya, 530 1st Ave, a short-walk from Fisher Pavilion